Fun & games

Map with stations

Info about the enchanted forest Cone railway Viewpoint to Brüna's old home Swinging tree Suspension bridge A…

Movement and dexterity

Here, children can play to their heart's content, run around and let their imagination run wild or run, climb and put their skills to the test - surrounded by a magical forest

Just follow the fun telescopes! This will take you from one exciting play station to the next. The metal signposts are part of a great bike trail and are not an issue for you today…

playing close to nature

There is so much to discover in the magical forest: trees, flowers, birds and maybe even a small forest animal that looks at you curiously. You can build fantasy worlds, run

You can move freely in the forest. But be careful, the red squirrels mark the boundaries of the magic forest perimeter. Outside these boundaries, there are areas that are…

Place with fire pit

In the enchanted forest there are three cozy barbecue areas with barbecue wood, a bubbling fountain with fresh drinking water and many practical table and bench areas where

There are 20 exciting stations waiting for you, where children can experience the exciting adventures of the lively squirrel Brüna together with the adults! Remember…

Gogwärgji Schorsch

Do you already know the magical letterbox of our friend, the lovely "Gogwärgji" Schorsch? Our Gogwärgji Schorsch is a passionate letter reader and writer.

The magical letterbox is simply a hit with children! Here the little explorers can leave a happy message or a small letter to the mysterious inhabitant of the enchanted forest…