Gogwärgji Schorsch

Do you already know the magical letterbox of our friend, the lovely "Gogwärgji" Schorsch? Our Gogwärgji Schorsch is a passionate letter reader and writer.

The magical letterbox is simply a hit with children! Here the little explorers can leave a happy message or a small letter to the mysterious inhabitant of the enchanted forest.

And the best thing is that Schorsch's letterbox always has great writing utensils and colorful notes so that you can always leave your messages, even when Schorsch is off on an exciting adventure!

Did you know that Schorsch almost always receives 1000 letters from you during the season? That's really quite exciting! And you know what? If you leave your full address, Schorsch will even write back to you! That's just great, isn't it? Lots of love from the happy mailbox!

Write Schorsch digitally