Movement and dexterity

Here, children can play to their heart's content, run around and let their imagination run wild or run, climb and put their skills to the test - surrounded by a magical forest with lots of nature.

Just follow the fun telescopes! This will take you from one exciting play station to the next. The metal signposts are part of a great bike trail and are not an issue for you today.

For all parents with baby carriages, there is a wide path that leads you directly to the cozy barbecue area and the surrounding play stations. Here you can have a great time together and enjoy the day to the full.

A few tips from us

  • The climbing wall challenges you - show what you're made of!
  • If you want to exchange secret messages, use the telephone ear
  • The alphorn slide promises a speedy ride
  • If you fancy some music, try out the wooden xylophone! Here you can conjure up great melodies
  • You can test your dexterity in the balancing and play area
  • If you need a bit of a boost, get on the swing!
  • For little train drivers, the wooden train is waiting to set off into the wide world




Customer testimonials from the enchanted forest

Magical moments

E. Lambi

"Wonderful forest playground. Super nice for running, playing and barbecuing. Has lots of barbecue areas with wood, tables with benches, a fountain and even a toilet." Google 2022

Claudia Schnydrig

"Very nice place for children, lots of exciting things to discover, lovingly made with a nice barbecue area!" Google June 2023

Patrick Müller

"Very well maintained, an exciting day out for families. There are enough barbecue areas, a fountain and a toilet." Google a week ago
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