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After a long day of playing in the Zauberwald, children often wish they could take it home with them. Now, you can bring a piece of the Zauberwald home with you in the form of Zauberwald soap, available for purchase at the Ernen Tourist Office. The Zauberwald soap is made from oil extracts of pine and Swiss stone pine cones, as well as tree resins. Its scent is piney, fresh, and grounding. The soap is colored with spinach and pine needle powder.


Customer testimonials from the enchanted forest

Magical moments

Claudia Schnydrig

"Very nice place for children, lots of exciting things to discover, lovingly made with a nice barbecue area!" Google June 2023

Daniel R.

"Very nicely done, ideal for children and also for adults. Beautiful barbecue area and interesting "equipment" in a wonderful natural setting. Even a stream crosses the magical forest." Google 2022

Jacques Andre Ditesheim

"Ingenious forest playground with four barbecue areas and numerous games. A great nature experience for young and old!" Google June 2023
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