Wednesday, July 31, 2024 10.15-12.15 a.m.

The wonderful world of bees for families

Beekeeper Peter takes you into the fascinating world of bees. You will learn why honey bees sting and wild bees don't, what you should do if you are stung, and much more. After the event, you can enjoy a picnic in the enchanted forest with your family

Customer testimonials from the enchanted forest

Magical moments

Jacques Andre Ditesheim

"Ingenious forest playground with four barbecue areas and numerous games. A great nature experience for young and old!" Google June 2023


"Very nice area for children to discover a bit of nature. The fire pits are really great." Google 6 years ago

Patrick Müller

"Very well maintained, an exciting day out for families. There are enough barbecue areas, a fountain and a toilet." Google a week ago
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